Taco time!

One of my favorite grocery stores in Europe is called Lidl, a great place to pick up inexpensive food, cleaning products, baked goods (best bread in town) and alcohol. The best thing about Lidl is that every 2 weeks they have a dedicated isle for specialty foods from a featured country.  This week is Mexico week so we picked up both traditional flour tortillas and American style corn tortillas. Tonight’s meal is Texmex style with the corn tortillas and endless toppings, next week I’ll make traditional tacos similar to the ones I would eat in Mexico. OLE!



Salsa, cheddar cheese (almost impossible to find in Bulgaria), sour cream, chopped iceberg lettuce, minced pork and beef with cumin, paprika, chilies, tomato paste and parsley, refried black beans, guacamole, green onions and black olives.