The best BBQ lime, chili, garlic prawns.

Oh my God. These prawns are out of control, a real 5 star quality dish. DSC01257

Make a big bowl of marinade then place 1/3 of the sauce (before it touches the prawns) in a different bowl and reserve it for later.




-soy sauce

-lime zest and lime juice

-Thai chili peppers (keep whole and remove before cooking)

-lots of honey and/or sugar

-fresh hot peppers

Wash the prawns; remove the little legs and cut along the back making sure the remove the black membrane, marinate for 30 minutes.


Skewer prawns onto bamboo skewers (soak in water for at least 30 minutes before hand) then grill on a hot BBQ for 1-3 minutes on each each side depending on the prawn size.

Toss the hot prawns in the reserved sauce and serve.