The "last" pictures of day one.

For convenience sake I left my laptop at home and decided to travel with our new tablet. The tablet is great; it has a keyboard, plays movies, has the full version Microsoft Office, and the whole Internet but the keyboard is tiny and awkward, the volume only goes up to a whisper, I don’t really need Word right now, give me Photoshop, Lightroom and Live Writer for my blog…the internet keeps defaulting to Bing (ew).

SOOOOOO, poor spoiled Amalia had to upload 4 pictures at a time using the web based editor (5-10 minutes per transaction), unedited and landscape mode only.

I’ve reserved some of my favorite shots for when I get home and have proper editing tools and I guess I’ll make a big post with all the “portrait” photos I can’t seem to rotate on the tablet.