The story ends with a Tuscan villa feast.

All great things must come to an end, Kyle and Carrie are on their way to Rome and we packed up and started our long journey home. The time spent with our lovely friends was absolutely amazing…especially our last night hanging out at the villa. During the day we hiked up an excruciating 4 kilometer road up a ridiculously steep hill to visit the town Volterra  and collect some goodies for that night’s feast.



Inspired by my surroundings I whipped up a Tuscan dinner which we ate in the garden then washed it down with liters of wine.



Butter and lemon turkey scaloppini.

10458807_10154218602675282_2835404772155252348_n (1)


Fried zucchini flowers stuffed with pesto risotto.



Roasted vegetable, balsamic, oil, bread, salami, cheese and party bird!




The rest of the night was ridiculous, we had so much fun talking about everything from politics to teeth. Carrie cut my hair and then Matt’s in the dark, Kyle argued with Matt about world views/ and conspiracies.  We all told embarrassing tales, jokes and compared our silly pet stories.

Volterra, Italy (15)



We ended our magical Tuscan night with a moonlit stroll, chasing after thousands of fireflies. Matt and I are so fortunate to have such amazing friends and get to do all these incredible things. Kyle and Carrie, we miss you so much, see you in Bulgaria…hopefully next year???

Volterra, Italy (18)