This is the Kyle and Carrie story. The beginning.

Though we left Canada over two years ago I rarely feel home sick. Of course, I would do anything to have a roasted chicken dinner at Mom’s house with all my friends or I would trade anything for a session of all you can eat sushi in Vancouver, but in reality, I just don’t miss Canada that much. Does that sound a little harsh? Absolutely not, why would I miss home when all my favorite people come and play with me in Europe!

This story starts in Nice, France. After a fun time watching the F1 races in Monaco, Matt and I took it easy on the French Rivera while we waited for our Canadian friends Kyle and Carrie to arrive. The morning before their scheduled arrival Matt and I woke up in a hazy state (brought on after a night of cheap Rosé), slipped into our bathing suits and headed to the beach. As I was locking the door I could hear Matt gabbing loudly to someone, “oh boy, what story is he telling now?” I thought as I turn the key. It took me a second to register what I saw, Kyle and Carrie were standing on the sidewalk, a day early, ready to party! 

Hugs, screams and more hugs then we all went for a nice dip in the Mediterranean.



This is us hanging out in Nice eating pizza.



A quick visit to St Tropez.

St Tropez, France (6)


St Tropez, France (9)


St Tropez, France (14)