Tidbits of information.

1. Relationship



Our relationship is better than ever! We travel well together, dragging 6 heavy bags containing everything we own half way around the globe can be extremely stressful but we pulled through.  Now that we are comfortable in our cabin and have a relaxed schedule, everything is gravy. Of course I still have mini meltdowns if I am not fed on time and Matt’s impatience for waiting in lineups still gets under my skin, but we know to regroup and make up right away because there’s no escaping each other!    




2. Super useful travel tip.

Ladies, if you are thinking of traveling anytime soon, go out and buy yourself and low profile diaper bag.


It looks like a regular purse yet it is so much more. Mine has a lime green interior with tons of dividers, pockets and pouches to keep me organized on my travels.


The “bottle” holders are perfect spots to place your picnic wine.


Like drinking while you walk? No problem. Look how easy it is to crack open my €2 wine on the move.


3. Silly Poland things


~I have not seen one person yet who is not Polish or Caucasian. Even little Victoria has a few more flavors than this place.

~Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. Most people speak English and have a smile on their face.

~You can drink freely as you walk the streets but don’t j-walk! Everyone is very scared of being fined.

~Don’t try and find a steak as we know it in the grocery stores. It’s ground or cubed only.

~The cabin has brown toilet paper which is a bit weird and confusing.