Under the weather in paradise Koh Tao.

The 5 am bus from Sunny Beach last Sunday lasted 7 hours.

Monday, 6 hour flight to Qatar with a lovely 8 hour layover.

Tuesday, 6 more hours to Bangkok then stayed up late walking around.
Wednesday, silly us, spend all day relaxing by walking 8 km eating and taking pictures.

Thursday, more Red Bulls and an unforgettable visit to the flower market at 3 am. We didn’t go to bed until 7 am.

Friday, waiting around for night to fall then jumped on a 10 hour bus ride south. Waited 3 hours then caught a 2 hour boat to the island of Koh Tao. It took another 2 hours before our room was ready then…slept, finally got to sleep!

Matt was feeling under the weather when he woke up on Sunday morning, cold weather, hot weather, ridiculous amount of air conditioning and lack of sleep haven’t improved his situation one bit. Poor guy has on and off fever, headaches, the chills, runny nose, puffy eyes, coughing and a sore throat.

I just woke up with a throat infection myself.


On a lighter note, our bowels are holding up remarkably well considering all the spicy and questionable food we’ve consumed.

Check out the view from our flat, it’s paradise. Couldn’t ask for a nicer place to recover.