We’ve been to Hel and back.

Hooray, we’ve finally purchased a home. Our 1993 Fiat Ducato has everything we need. The car has been scrubbed top to bottom and I’ve “Amalia Style” organized every cupboard, with colourful Ikea containers. At first, it was a little nerve racking going down bumpy roads as everything has a potential of fly out of it’s holding place. Alas, only 2 glasses have gone to glassware heaven.     




Matt’s Polish paperwork is “in progress” and there’s no need for us to loiter around Gdansk. We strapped everything down securely and headed straight to Hel! Look at the stunning view as we were driving.







This week, the weather hasn’t been as summery as the last but that hasn’t put a dent in our exploring. Hel is a cute town that reminds me of Tofino. Closed in the winter and extremely lively in peak season, the main street is littered with knickknack stores. Walk one block towards the beach and you will find cute alleys dotted with trendy coffee shops and bars. Too bad it’s not busy at the moment because this town is totally “Matt and Amalia”.