What a ride.

Qatar airways is probably the best airline I’ve flown in a long time. Reasonable leg room (not that it’s an issue considering my vertical deficiency),  cosy seating with plush and adjustable headrests, personal TVs (believe it or not I’m currently watching Thelma and Louise for the first time, fantastic) and the food and drinks are unbeatable as far as airline grub is concerned. Piping hot chicken and cheese baguette and Coke, French white wine, tomato juice and vodka, soda water, couscous salad, chicken with carrots, green beans, tomato sauce and gnocchi, braised beef with mashed potatoes and peas, fresh buns, cheese, crackers, mini Mars bar and the best layered chocolate cake on earth (well slightly above earth). Cognac for dessert.

To be honest I’m surprised they even serve alcohol, I’m informed that there will be no drinking at Qatar airport since this Allah guy is so popular but that’s OK, maybe a few minutes of shut eye between flights might be a good idea.