Why don’t we stay another day? Grado, Italy.

We love Italy. Instead of driving home in a rush we decided to stay an extra day in one of our favorite little seaside towns Grado, Italy.

Grado, Italy (8)


You enter Grado by driving down a long road with water on either side. Last time we were here I spotted hundreds of pink flamingos in this marsh.

Grado, Italy (4)



Saturday night we stayed up late watching a FIFA match at the local pub, drinking 1 euro wine and free eating pasta.

Grado, Italy (6)


On Sunday all the locals flock to the beach to sun tan and windsurf.











Grado, Italy (18)


Italy knows their meat, they are truly masters of cold cuts.



Other highlights include; buying a bocce ball set, visiting the Sunday market, playing soccer with kids, trying different wines at the Wine and Fish Festival, making friends with 3 sisters originally from Bangladesh  and walking home with our black stallion helium balloon.

Notice Matt to the left running after the ball.



Sorry for the bad picture (especially the lady in the back), the littlest one (not shown) had crazy wild hair and a gloriously bedazzled shirt.



Everyone loves a two legged horse.



The cats think we’re crazy.